Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane: How Long the Effect Lasts?

Plastic surgery always was the first efficient thing that women from all around the world did in order to fight aging. Today, correcting age-related imperfections has become possible without referring to those procedures. This because cosmetologists and dermatologists have started to use dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are injection preparations used for the lost skin volume restoration and correct other skin problems without surgery or laser procedures. Due to the latest cosmetologists studies, the main factor that leads to skin rejuvenation is adding the lost volume. 

Note! Previously, cosmetologists used only peeling or laser treatment to achieve the desired effect. 

The new formula of modern fillers allows doctors to demonstrate a visible result right after procedure and what is more – dermal filler injections or HA-based creams are safer than plastic operations.

How It Works

In general, all fillers influence on human organism similarly – the desired effect achieves due to filling wrinkles by the elastic gel. Still, there are some nuances. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers have a high level of viscosity and density. Due to this, the effect of filling the deep and middle wrinkles is strong and visible right after the first injection. Hyaluronic acid, getting into the skin, works as a trigger for the cells regeneration processes. It forces the human skin to generate elastin and collagen making it fresher and younger. In the end, wrinkles and folds are smoothed out, the skin becomes soft and more healthy. It also improves the skin condition, being absolutely safe for the human body.

Fillers like Juvederm, Radiesse or Restylane are mostly used to correct facial or lips contours, lips augmentation, changing the cheekbones, nose or chin forms. 

Due to the molecular weight and density, there are different types of fillers with separate lasting effect durations. Let’s consider three popular brands to see which one has the most prolonged result after the injection!

Juvederm: Fast and for a Long Time!

Juvederm is a new modernized dermal filler. It is a gel with transparent, monophasic and viscous structure. Special Juvederm formula is designed for facial imperfections correction or adding lost volume. Remedy contains Lidocaine. Due to this the procedure is painless and the effect is powerful because human muscles are relaxed at the moment of injection. To reduce post-procedure swellings, there is Phosphate buffer, added also for making the effect more prolonged. According to the latest Allergen company polls (the company that produces Juvederm), 90% of respondents who have used Juvederm are satisfied with the beauty procedure result. Thus, the official statistics data claim that this effect normally lasts from three to twelve months. In general, the action of Juvederm depends on individual features and other external factors. For example, if you want to augment lips with the Juvederm injections you have to know that in this case, the effect will be short-term. This because lips have a high level of blood circulation and the remedy will be eliminated faster. In order to buy Juvederm products, you should refer to Juvederm dermal fillers suppliers or make a purchase from the official Juvederm website. 

Radiesse: Could it be Better?

Radiesse is another dermal filler (https://euromexde.com/product_brand/radiesse/) product made by BioForm Medical company. Its innovative and original formula includes calcium hydroxyapatite used for contour correction with three action mechanisms. Radiesse dermal filler injections provide qualitative and fast wrinkles and facial folds correction, it adds the natural volume and causes the rejuvenation skin process. It is one of the most famous and tested fillers in the world, which does not cause tissues inflammatory reaction and is completely eliminated from the body after a while. Radiesse is highly-recommended for cheekbones correction to restore the volume and relief. This procedure effect lasts more than one year.

The remedy will suit for nose form correction. It has original viscosity and elasticity combination that helps to eliminate small nose imperfections and improve the tip of the nose. The most effective are nasolabial Radiesse injections. The drug acts immediately and smoothes out even the deepest folds. Result is visible right after the procedure. The same effect it causes after correcting the corners of the mouth, lower jaw shape or chin form.

Have noticed that blood vessels and tendons on your hands become more noticeable with age? The skin on your hands become dry and pale. That’s it. Radiesse is one of several fillers that may return the lost volume of the hands’ tissues. What is more, Radiesse is the only dermal filler approved by the FDA for this zone correction. 

Total time of drug’s action is not specified for sure. It also depends on individual organism features. But after about a month, the effect of the injections becomes less noticeable. This is due to the fact that the gel component disintegrates faster than new connective tissue is formed. The need for the next procedure occurs after 14-16 months. Women after 50, doctors advise to repeat it every six months. If you don’t like your reflection in the mirror and want to change it right now, you can buy Radiesse here.

Restylane: Last but not Least!

Restylane (https://euromexde.com/product_brand/restylane/) is also a qualitative dermal filler for contouring plastics. These drug injections may smooth wrinkles, fill up missing facial volume, improve the shape of the neck and rejuvenate hands skin on hands. With the help of Restylane, the skin receives a necessary hydration dose, that makes it more elastic. This is a Hyaluronic Acid-based filler, so the substance is fully compatible with the body and is completely metabolized after a while. Such injections promote skin collagen production that slows down with age. Since Restylane disappears from the human organism, doctors recommend repeating procedures after 6-12-18 months depending on your skin shape. 

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