Facial paralysis is the disease which loss your facial movement. This happens due to the nerve damage and in the result, your facial muscles may appear too weak.  Sometimes, it happens on one side while sometimes it affects both sides of the face. Well, it can come without any prior notice or happen slowly over a period of months. However, it can happen for the different time period, some paralysis might last for a short time period or some can be last long.

Here are the common causes of facial paralysis include:

  1. Infection or inflammation of the facial nerve
  2. Head trauma
  3. Head or neck tumor
  4. Stroke

Symptoms of facial paralysis:

  1. Bell’s palsy

It doesn’t always mean you are getting strokes of paralysis. The most known diagnosis is Bell’s palsy. So, here are the symptoms of Bell’s palsy:

  • One side facial paralysis(rarely are both sides of the face affected)
  • Loss of blinking control on the affected side
  • Reduced tearing
  • Drooping of the mouth to the affected side
  • Changed sense of taste
  • Slurred speech
  • Drooling
  • Ear pain
  • Sound hypersensitivity on the affected side
  • Trouble in eating or drinking


Stroke is usually known as the high level of facial paralysis. Symptoms of both- Stroke and Bell’s palsy is same. Only some signs are in addition in stroke. Here are those symptoms:

  • Consciousness level increases
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of coordination
  • Seizure
  • Changes in sight
  • Arms or legs weakness

How online pharmacy helps in treating facial paralysis:

Looking at the scenario of facial paralysis, it often creates shyness in people. They don’t go out to buy prescribed drugs or medicines directly. In that situation, online pharmacy is a proving rescue. The patient can order their medicines online. Be sure to consider all your symptoms with your doctor, and give information about any other diseases or illnesses you may have.

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