Harmful secrets of a healthy diet

Just like fashion and other popular industries, the food industry follows certain trends and supports, and even creates myths to sell more and earn better. You can, for example, compare healthy foods of different times. Not so long ago people ate tofu, raw and diet foods, muesli, in general, did everything to stay in shape and not to spoil the health.

However, as soon as the fashion for these foods began to pass, we learned that all this is not so useful as we thought. Some of these foods are even dangerous, capable to lead to serious health problems. We offer you a list of fife foods that are considered healthy, but in fact they are not:

  1. Banana chips is known to be a great substitute for harmful sweets. Isn’t it better to eat banana chips instead of 300 grams of chocolate? Fruit is useful anyway, isn’t it? One problem – banana chips are made by roasting banana lobules. Each serving of such chips contains at least 10 grams of saturated fat, which horribly raises the level of cholesterol. It is better to eat a fresh banana, it is tastier and more useful.
  2. Sushi from tuna is an excellent example of how dangerous healthy food can be. Sushi from tuna is almost a raw food, so it does not contain many calories, but it is also important to know that sushi made in a restaurant contains more mercury than raw fish bought in a store. If you overtake mercury, you can get intoxication of the body and as a result – insomnia, vomiting, hair loss or hypertension.
  3. Granola has almost become a synonym for a healthy breakfast. Many people abandoned bacon and eggs in favor of a healthy start of the day. However, ready granola, which we buy in the store, is a complete deception. A portion of it will provide you with about five hundred calories and an unimaginable amount of sugar. Therefore, if you really want to eat granola, you should better buy oatmeal, a little dried fruit, seeds, nuts and enjoy a really healthy food.
  4. Energy bars are often placed in the departments of healthy food. However, these bars will not help you lose weight. They are not healthy, and even more harmful than a chocolate bar. Basically, energy bars help to keep fat in your body. One such bar contains about five hundred calories, the same amount of calories is contained in a normal lunch or dinner.
  5. When we want to lose weight, we go to low-fat foods. We buy fat free yogurt and believe that we are doing something useful for our body. However, if there is no fat in any food, it becomes tasteless, so the producers add sugar there. Thus, we eat low-fat yogurt with a huge sugar content.

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Aleks Smith

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