Why Buffet Catering Wins Over Plated Meals For Corporate Events

For corporate events, it may be tempting to go with plated meals just so you have wait staff that can attend to the needs of the guests. This may add to the overall experience and may even impress some of your guests. However, it is actually a lot better to have corporate buffet catering.

Why? Below are some reasons as to why you should provide buffet catering instead of plated meals for your corporate event.

People Can Choose Their Food

With plated meals, even if you have a variety of choices for your guests, it still can’t compare to the freedom that they get when choosing at a buffet. All of your guests will be able to fall in line, get their own food at their own pace and might even go for another round if they choose to. There will be no shame in not finishing a plate or asking for more because they will be able to control how much food they are going to get. That is why buffet catering wins over plated meals when it comes to food selection for your guests.

You Save More Money

The most common misconception about plated meals is that you will save more money with it. Buffet catering is actually a lot easier for your budget because you will be able to control how much food is going to be served. When you have a list of guests that you have invited, this will give you a headcount of how much you may need to serve. For most caterers, plated meals come in the form of guarantee. If you have 100 guests and you’ve paid for 150, the 50 that may not be eaten is just money not spent for your guests. Depending on your caterer, you may not be able to get that money back.

Scheduling Is More Streamlined

With plated meals, you have to schedule the wait staff at least an hour beforehand. This will give them the time to get familiar with what you have on the menu, who your guests are, and how they’re going to deliver the food. This may make scheduling a lot more complicated especially if you are running an event that can’t spare more than a minute for every step of the way. With corporate buffet catering, you can just have the catering staff fill up the buffet table and provide everyone with the kitchenware. This means that you can tell your guests that they can eat at their own pace as soon as the food is served.

People Are More Accessible

For most corporate events, it is expected that your guests be able to build their network. That is why you should give them a chance to do so. When you sit them all down and provide them with the food, this means that they are restricted to those that are on the same table as them. With corporate buffet catering, they will be able to stand up if that specific person that they want to talk to may be in line at the buffet.

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